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Character Auditions

When it comes to our characters, our goal at the Emporium is to bring faiytales to life. Long after the children have returned home from the event or party, we want them to still retain that belief that the magic we created was real.


Keeping "Character Integrity" is at the heart of this belief, meaning our performers must look, act, and speak the same way as the characters do in the stories. Children are not easily fooled; they have read the book and seen the film hundreds of times, and notice anything that is not accurately portrayed. Our costumes, wigs, and accessories are of a high-quality standard, made to measure for each specific performer (you won't find entertainers in cheap party costumes here!) We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and this is no exception in our casting choices. Our performers go through rigorous training before they ever perform to a public audience. They learn everything; from perfecting the correct dialect, knowing all the iconic songs and memorising a full history of the character they will portray. All this study is on top of learning how to host our company’s activities, such as our Coronation Ceremonies and original party games. Not to mention magic acts or illusions which are incorporated into certain character performances.

This industry can be as tiring as it is rewarding. Most character performers will tell you that it can be quite draining to stay in character for long periods of time; always having to smile, never breaking out of character (even with adults), and of course wigs and heavy costumes can make a person feel hot and uncomfortable after a while. Time keeping is of utmost importance so you also need to consider if you can easily travel to our Harrogate based venue. Having said all that, if you are someone with a strong work ethic, is passionate about working with children, has strong improvisation skills and experience in acting for stage, then we would love to hear from you. Use the form at the bottom of this page to enquire about character work, and please include details about yourself and any experience you have.

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