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Prince Phillip Aurora Meet 'n Greet
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Prince Charming Meet 'n Greet

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Seasonal Events


Our last big event was Prince Charming's Royal Ball, which we held in the beautiful Masonic Hall, in Harrogate. You can watch our highlights video above. Prince Charming invited all the children of the land and their families to attend his Royal Ball, giving boys and girls the chance to dress up and dance the day away in a real ballroom. They made wands with the Fairy Godmother, played games with the Step Sisters, and watched the Fairy Godmother work her magic on the lovely Cinderella! Check back here soon for future events and ticket links.


Our next seasonal event is Cinderella's Pumpkin Patch; a non spooky Halloween experience for little ones who would like to Trick or Treat in advance of All Hallows Eve! They can show off their Halloween costume, pick a pumpkin and a pumpkin stencil, select a Trick or Treat goodie bag, and have a personal Meet 'n Greet visit with the lovely Cinderella! Visits are limited so please book early.