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Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond Imagination Parties: What typically happens at a birthday party in the Emporium?

All our parties are "child-led" which means we fluidly follow the children's interests in what they would like to do, rather than inflicting a rigid agenda on the group. For instance, some children might be gathered around Snow White's Wishing Well making birthday wishes with the Storybook Characters, while other children are happily having a make-believe fairy tea party in Tinkerbell's Cottage, right up until it's time to sing Happy Birthday! Our performers are well prepared to play a variety of party games at a moments notice, but what you typically find at a Beyond Imagination Party is a whole host of different immersive activities, or Make-Believe play, taking place organically around the room at any one time. We delight in letting the children explore the numerous props and decor as they ask lots of curious questions, and are in turn told fascinating stories about the fairytale world around them, by our believable and beautiful, enchanting Storybook Characters.

Beyond Imagination Parties: What characters do you offer and what quality are their costumes?

Our performers...


The Fairytale Boutique: Do you stock handmade items in your shop?

We do indeed! Let me first tell you about an exquisite brand of handmade fairies...

The Fairy Family, or Tassie Fairies as they are also known, are a range of ethically produced, handmade poseable figures. By purchasing from the Tassie Design you are also supporting a wonderful cause, as every fairy, elf, witch and mermaid figurine is produced by women in the rural north of Thailand. It is an area where work is scarce, but each worker is encouraged to work from home and is paid a fair wage for production. Every figure is beautifully detailed with hand painted faces. A wide range of materials is used to make their clothing; from satin, silk, nylon, florist's papers, sequins, glitter and beads. The arms and legs are fully flexible so the figures can be posed to sit, cross their legs, wave their arms, etc. Every fairy, elf and witch figurine has magnetic shoes so they can be displayed on the metal leaf display stand (included) which enables them to stand on their own. (Please note, the mermaids do not magnetic feet due to them having tails, and therefore do not come with the magnetic leaf stand).

The Fairytale Boutique: Do you take custom orders?

Yes! Thumbelina Bliss is our main dress designer, as well as the creator of our beautiful unicorn headbands, fantasy fawn horns, and jewel embellished, organically sourced wizard wands. She kindly created an exclusive fairytale range of children's tutu dresses, inspired by beloved classic princesses and fairy characters. While we typically stock sizes 3-5yrs and 7-9yrs in the Thumbelina Bliss children's range, she does also take commissions for bespoke outfits. Just contact us with a good clear reference photo or sketch of what you would like made, and we can help bring your dream gown to life with our very own fairy godmother and seamstress, Thumbelina Bliss.

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