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Captivating. Whimsical. Enchanting.

Welcome to the Emporium...


We are proud to be Harrogate’s one and only immersive fairytale venue, where Storybook Characters come to life. But what does that mean, exactly?

Well, the Emporium is home to a very special book, called The Enchanted Storybook. It acts as a doorway; a doorway from all the fairytale kingdoms into our own world - right here in Harrogate. When we place a toy figure inside the Enchanted Storybook, that toy comes to life, meaning we can meet our favourite most beloved
 Storybook Characters, in a special place in the Emporium called the Enchanted Storybook Land.


The Storybook Characters often visit the Emporium for events and holiday clubs, but more than anything they love to visit for a birthday! Why not pop in to see us sometime, and take a closer look inside our magical, immersive world of fairytales...

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